A Good InVESTment

I still don’t think that after all this time I’ve quite grasped the concept of effortless Parisian dressing, but the thing about being effortless is that it has to be something that’s comfortable that looks good too. Many women are convinced that nothing could be more comfy than sweatpants, but looking put together and being comfortable don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

The Glittering Unknown vest and leopard scarf ready for my close up

This look combines two of my favorite trends: the military trend, which is several seasons old now and shows no sign of slowing down, and the long vest trend, fairly new to this season but still incredibly polished and versatile. This vest was actually a jacket I picked up at a vintage store for $15 a few years ago, but ended up disliking how tight the shoulders were, so I simply cut off the sleeves. Voilà, vest! It really goes with everything, and I do love having the giant pockets to slip my phone into. I’m definitely looking into adding more long vests into my wardrobe.

The Glittering Unknown vest and leopard scarf full body

The Glittering Unknown vest and leopard scarf pushing back hair

This cashmere sweater is SO soft and warm, and I randomly grabbed this leopard print infinity scarf on Amazon one day- I love it for a pop of print when my outfit is otherwise too dull. And of course, I live in skinny jeans and black booties. Here’s a secret: my jeans are actually jeggings! I can see you wrinkling your nose in disgust, but they look and feel just like super-stretchy denim, have back pockets, and lack buttons or zippers which I dislike anyways. I have had so many pairs of this brand, I live in them!

The Glittering Unkonwn vest and leopard scarf on the incline

 Vest: vintage (similar here) // Sweater: Uniqlo // Scarf: Scarfand // Jeans: Hue // Booties: Minelli

The Glittering Unknown vest and leopard scarf looking pensive

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