A Moveable Feast


Last week my mom’s boss, who happens to be an old family friend (I went to elementary school with her son), was in Paris last week staying in the Saint-German-de-Pres area. I went down there Thursday morning to meet her, as my mom had sent over a couple of things for me, and we walked around and chatted until happening upon Les Deux Magots (French for “two figurines”), former hangout of the literary elite, including Hemingway, Sartre, Camus and Joyce. I’d been meaning to go since arriving in Paris and hadn’t had the opportunity, so of course when my mom’s boss suggested we stop for a coffee or something I jumped at the chance.
Her coffee, my chocolat viennois- yum!
Stepping into the restaurant was a little like stepping back in time, imagining all of the incredible thinkers and authors whose presence had once been such a common occurrence. What I wouldn’t give for an evening at this place back in the 1920s, a la Midnight in Paris– as much as I love the city in all its modernity, it’s the history that really makes it a place worth knowing.
We had a lovely time chatting and sipping away until she was due to go meet her boyfriend for lunch reservations- it was so nice to catch up with her after so long, so generous of her to treat me, and good to have a little piece of home here to experience such a quintessentially Parisian location.
Have you been to Les Deux Magots? What were your thoughts?

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