A Touch of Home

Many au pairs live with their host families; it’s out of the ordinary that I don’t, but more common in Paris than in other places. When apartments are as small as they are here, it’s tough to fit another adult into an already cramped space!
So I guess you could say I have two homes. One is definitively mine, and I love the freedom and peace that comes with it, but it can get lonely at times living by yourself, so I’m lucky to have the other home, which is not really mine, but always full of meowing and activity and noise. The kids may be exhausting at times, but at least there’s never a dull moment!


Any other au pairs out there have thoughts on the living situation?
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    i think that's a cool way to look at it–that you have two homes

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      It's easier than thinking of one as work and one as home! Are you an au pair too?

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