All of the Lights

Place des Terreaux, Lyon
After waking up on Sunday with incredibly sore shoulders but thankfully no hangover, we were ready to hit the town again that night and see more light displays. Lyon is a small city, quite walkable, but we still took the metro out to Parc de la Tête d’Or to see what the offerings were out there. What we discovered was unexpected but still beautifully interesting- giant flying fish balloons, floating diamonds and balls with color-changing filaments on the inside.
Illuminated only by the glowing fish and the light of the moon, my friends and I employed a Marco Polo system to make sure we didn’t lose anybody in the crowd- namely, me, as I kept moving away to take photos, then turning around and realizing they were all gone. I didn’t mind, being far more interested in making sure my camera was properly capturing that night’s images after dying and being rendered totally useless the night before. We all stayed more or less together, and then headed back to the metro to go to a bar suggested to us by JuanJo. After a round of drinks, we went back towards the center of the city and made one last stop in Place des Terreaux to watch, not for the first time, the incredible display. Niki and I bid goodbye to our Colombian friends as they went back to the apartment they’d rented, and we went back to JuanJo’s to crash before getting up to meet our drivers for our covoiturages- also known as BlaBlaCar- back to Paris.
Have you ever been to Lyon for the Fête des Lumières, or any other festival of lights? What did you think?

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