An Artistic Angle

Flying to Paris on Icelandair gave me the opportunity to stop in Iceland for a couple of days at no additional airfare. No extra flight costs to visit a place I’ve been wanting to explore for ages? Don’t mind if I do.
I ended up staying at Loft Hostel in the heart of downtown Reykjavik- not only was it an astonishingly perfect location, the hostel itself couldn’t have been cuter, with a lounge on the top floor and big fluffy pillows in the rooms. One of the best things about Reykjavik is that there can be a bar in the hostel and clubs all around the front door, but it’s still not sketchy. That safe aspect that we also have in Chapel Hill is going to be something that will be sorely missed while I’m in Paris.
The art and architecture of Reykjavik is one of its most fascinating qualities. From the strangeness that is the main cathedral, Hallgrimskirkja, to the statue of Leifur Eiriksson in front of it to the (mostly) tasteful graffiti that adorns many a wall in the city, Reykjavik itself is colorful enough to make one forget the generally overcast weather.




I definitely plan on returning here sometime in the (hopefully not too distant) future!

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