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Where is the Best Gelato in Florence?

If you’re traveling to Italy, gelato is kind of a given (remember when I hunted down the best gelato in Cinque Terre?). On a recent trip to Florence with my lovely friends Leah from Gringa Journeys and Anna from Come Join My Journey, I once again took on the mission of finding the best gelato. As much as I don’t recommend eating 5 gelatos in a weekend (okay, six… we had a late night one when I arrived Friday night), at least this list will give you options! Between my research and my own taste-testing, I can safely tell you that this is some of the best gelato in Florence, and you can’t go wrong with any of the following gelaterias.

My Sugar Gelateria- Where is the Best Gelato in Florence?

My Sugar Gelateria– Via de’ Ginori 49r

This was the first stop of the gelato tour of Florence, and definitely started off the hunt on a high note. Not only was this probably the creamiest gelato I’ve ever tried, the salted caramel was one of the most delicious, which I paired with a deep dark chocolate. Just around the corner from the Galleria dell’Academia, it’s very centrally located, and the outside is also very Instagrammable with the shop’s bike and the big green door next door. It also boasts being the only gelateria in the neighborhood that makes their gelato in-house- it’s all produced right above their shop. Plus, if you get any size bigger than the piccolo (the smallest) you can get this little heart shaped strawberry flavored cookie on top! (you can pay for it if you get the smaller size)

Gelateria dei Neri- Where is the Best Gelato in Florence?

Gelateria dei NeriVia de’ Neri 9/11r

This place is right down the street from the most popular sandwich shop in the city, and had a number of flavors that we hadn’t seen elsewhere, like strawberry cheesecake and rice pudding, the latter of which did indeed taste exactly like rice pudding. Go earlier rather than later, as it’s quite popular given the big crowd out front when passing by later in the evening.

Perché No!- Where is the Best Gelato in Florence?

Perché No!– Via dei Tavolini 19r

Why not? I thought to myself… have the zillionth gelato of the trip so far. Located conveniently between the Duomo and the Uffizi Gallery, they have funky flavors like lavender (surprisingly good in ice cream/gelato form), and was one of the few we saw to have vegan and dairy free options- possibly why it’s such a popular spot! Rick Steves has also named it as some of the best gelato in Florence. Plus, as the name says- one more gelato? Perché no!

Gelateria della Passera- Where is the Best Gelato in Florence?

Gelateria della Passera– Via Toscanella 15r

We were told by someone that the best gelato is served from tubs that are covered most of the time to preserve the freshness, and if the selection at Gelateria della Passera is any indication, they were right. Taking a break from all the chocolatey/creamy flavors I’d been trying, this time I went for passionfruit (which tasted exactly like a real passionfruit) and one called Mister ?, a mix of marscapone, etc. Not only was the gelato great, but the shop opens onto a lovely little square in the quaintest part of the city south of the river, right next to a place that serves 7 different types of spritzes. It was the perfect pit stop post-Palazzo Pitti, and we sat on benches in the square and did some people-watching.

Cantina del Gelato- Where is the Best Gelato in Florence?

Cantina del Gelato– Via de’ Bardi 31

This spot was recommended to me by a friend who had done her study abroad in Florence, so it was the last stop on my gelato tour after descending from taking sunset photos at Piazzale Michelangelo. Somehow I managed to complete my entire order in Italian, and while I had only intended to try two flavors, the lovely lady behind the counter insisted I try three- the turmeric and fig, ricotta and fig, and the house flavor, hazelnut with swirls of Nutella and chocolate pieces. The portions were generous (as you can see) and the location perfect for a stroll down the river, cone in hand!

Have you tried any of these gelaterias? Which one was your favorite? Do you have another contender for the best gelato in Florence?

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    I have mad respect for you for taking on this quest! Definitely sounds like a great way to spend a hot day in Florence! I love gelato and always make it a point to sample lots of different shops when I’m in Italy!

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    The research for this seems like it was grueling. But it all looks simply fantastic.

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    YUM! I’ve just added these to my Florence notes! Thanks so much for sharing <3

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