Down the Rue (en Rose)


Within the group of au pairs that I know in Paris, there was bound to bet another blogger in the group. I found that other blogger in a lovely girl in a neighboring arrondissement, another young woman who dreamed for a life outside the mundane in the years following university. After being Facebook friends for nearly six months, I finally met up with Ruth of Rue en Rose for coffee at a little place in Le Marais, as recommended by one of our favorite Parisian bloggers, Carin of Paris in Four Months. So on a chilly but sunny Friday morning, we met at Boot Cafe for a little girl talk, blogger talk, photographer talk- discovering a kindred spirit in the process.


So simply chic.
Talking to her made me realize how lucky I am to work in such a classically Parisian neighborhood, as this wasn’t far from my host family’s apartment, and inspired me to get out and explore my own neighborhood more, as you’ll see in future blog posts.
Love the decorations in some of the windows in the Marais!
After coffee, Ruth suggested going to a famous boulangerie not far away, well known for its delicious pastries and baguettes. Who was I to say no to that?
Du Pain et Des Idees


Try one of the escargots there- they’re pastries in the shape of snail shells. The cream cheese and berries one was sublime, but Ruth’s pistacho and chocolate chip one was equally scrumptious! Thank you lovely for the suggestions 🙂

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