Driving In Cars With Moms

The morning after my friend’s great-aunt’s 90th birthday party was not an easy one, but at least we got to spend it in the car driving up the west coast of Ireland, alternately stopping to take pictures and sleeping off our hangovers. The party had started the night before around 6 and gone till after 5 the next morning, moving from the hotel with the whole family to the pubs in the tiny town where her great-aunt lives to the house her American cousins had rented. The night involved a drunken ride in the boot of a car, a bloody finger from breaking one of the pint glasses in said boot that her cousins had been stealing from the pub all night, more Irish folk songs than I can remember, and a hell of a lot of drinks. When in Ireland, I suppose…
For more candid (read: iPhone) photos from my trip, hop on over to my Instagram and see my first Guinness and the view we woke up to after the party!
In the meantime, our trip up the coast involved a lot of impromptu stops to photograph various pretty castles, abbeys, cemeteries and everything in between. Check it out!
We also stopped at the Cliffs of Moher- more photos coming soon 🙂

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