Journey to the Past, Part Deux

I found this photographer in a square next to the Centre Pompidou, after the older of my two girls wanted to check out his camera. It’s called an afghan camera, and it’s basically a larger, older version of a Polaroid instant camera (though it takes much longer, trust me). The photographer was the kindest man from Madrid, and he explained to us how the camera worked and then took a picture of me to show us. Though the one of me didn’t turn out so well thanks to poor lighting, it was amazing to see the process that went into creating the photos, which as the camera is from the 1920s still takes photos that appear as such.
After deciding during my visit to the city exactly one year ago that I would likely not return to Paris, it’s discoveries like this that are making me fall more and more in love with it. I’ve been incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to explore and savor the city over the course of the next year!Check out Israel Garcia Montero and his work here (his photos from Switzerland makes me miss it so much)!

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