Love Lockdown

Love locks on Pont de l’Archevêché, Paris
On Monday, I met up with an old friend from high school who was in Paris while winding through Europe during her semester abroad on the Semester at Sea program. Since she and her companion hadn’t yet been to Notre Dame, I took them there, and then we wandered up and around to the park behind the cathedral and Pont de l’Archevêché, better known as the love lock bridge.
Flowers in Square Jean XXIII, Notre Dame, Île de la Cite, Paris
While I hadn’t been to that particular park before, I’ve thought the back of Notre Dame was more visually interesting than the front since my first trip to Paris eight years ago (Gothic architecture has its place- still hate it at that school which shall not be named *ahem*). While I’ve been on Pont des Arts, the original love lock bridge of Paris, I hadn’t been to this one, which I think has better views. There are a lot of campaigns against the bridges, since the locks mess with the integrity of the bridge since they’re so heavy and tossing the keys in the Seine doesn’t help the river’s ecosystem, but one can still appreciate the sentiment behind it.


What do you think of the love lock bridges- a sweet idea or a structural disaster?

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