Let’s interrupt the current theme of “Emily takes a lot of pictures of water while in Marseille” to talk real quick about one of my new Parisian obsessions.

Ob-La-Di Paris, The Glittering Unknown

As soon as you walk in the door of Ob-La-Di Café, you’re greeted with music- sometimes indie, sometimes retro, but always with a foot-tapping beat. You cross the pretty blue-patterned floor to approach the counter, where more often than not a friendly Australian named Lloyd is holding down the fort, singing along unobtrusively to the music. Lately he has taken to wearing a hat, which goes well with his recently-acquired mustache. I like Lloyd- he doesn’t remember my name, but he remembers my face, and is always chatty with me when I’m there.

Ob La Di Paris leather jacket

Ob La Di Paris, coffee machine and flowers

Lloyd is hiding behind the coffee machine.

Ob La Di Paris treats

On a hot day (or even not a hot day), I usually order an iced latte. You can get it pre-sweetened or not, but with beans from Café Lomi, you know you’re getting a smooth brew regardless. My friend Kat was also a fan of the green tea!

Of course, my obsession with the place has nothing to do with the coffee and everything to do with the avocado toast. I mean, LOOK at this stuff. Avocado, pomegranate, and some kind of lime cilantro drizzle, all atop thick, soft bread. What more could an avocado lover want?

Ob La Di Paris avocado toast

Make sure you hit up this sweet little place soon, or on your next trip to Paris!

ALSO: Ob-La-Di was one of the shops I covered in my coffee roundup of new cafés opening in July for the HiP Paris blog, for which I am excited to announce that I am the editorial assistant, as well as writing and photographing for them! Be sure to like their Facebook and Instagram pages, and follow along for great content about openings, events, and places to go/eat/see in Paris!

Ob La Di flowers and coffee

À bientôt !

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