On the Way Home

As beautiful as Paris is, winter is indeed still a dreary time. When you take away all the flowers and pops of color that brighten the tones of beige and gray that characterize the city’s streets, all you’re left with is, well, beige and gray city streets. But that doesn’t have to stop you from finding some gems to remind you of warmer, brighter days.
After staying the night at a friend’s following the open mic night at The Highlander, a Scottish pub (the quality is awful but you can see me sing Hotel California here), I walked through the nearby Jardin du Luxembourg with the intent to take the metro in the direction of home at Odeon. It was so pretty that day, though, that I decided to just continue to wander and take a direct metro line back to my place, if only to pass by the boulangerie by my host family’s apartment that makes the most divine baguettes I’ve found in the city.


It was a rare sunny winter day, crisp and cold but perfectly clear, and I was glad that I had decided to stay above ground.
Fortunately, perhaps due to the quickly-approaching Valentine’s Day or perhaps just to perk things up a bit, the fleurists of Paris do not follow the same rules as the rest of the city when it comes to a cold, dull winter. All these beautiful blooms just made me want to escape somewhere warmer- which is exactly what I’m doing tomorrow, heading off to Portugal with a couple au pair friends. It’s not going to be MUCH warmer, but given how frigid it’s been in Paris lately, anything will be better.
See you in Porto!

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