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Photo Diaries: Rome

In October, I flew to Rome to meet up with my mom and attend the diaconate ordination of a dear friend at Saint Peter’s Basilica. Though it wasn’t my first time in Italy, can you believe this was my first visit to the Eternal City after all my years in France?! I don’t know why I waited so long, because visiting Rome was like meeting a long-lost friend. I wasn’t entirely sure of my way around, but despite that, everything felt comfortably familiar. Since it was only my first visit, I didn’t quite feel like I could write a proper guide, but took far too many photos not to share.

View over Saint Peter's Basilica from Pontifical North American College, Rome

Visiting Vatican City and ticking another country off my list was our first order of business, as we attended the ordination Mass in Saint Peter’s. Sitting directly under the canopy of the High Altar, it was all I could do to simply marvel at its gilded brilliance.

We chose to stay in Trastevere, possibly the most charming and photogenic of Rome’s neighborhoods. Wandering its cobblestone streets and snapping photos became one of my favorite activities- just so much prettiness at every turn! I’d love to come back in the spring when the jasmine and bougainvillea are in bloom.

Bar del Cinque, Trastevere, Rome, Italy- - PHOTO DIARIES: ROME
Restaurant in Trastevere, Rome - PHOTO DIARIES: ROME

Of course, we did have to go to some of the more touristy spots, just to see them (despite the severe aversion to crowds I’ve developed as I’ve gotten older). How can you go to Rome and miss the Trevi Fountain? Mom and I each tossed a coin in to ensure we’d come back to Rome one day.

Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

Sunset over Piazza Venezia and the Roman Forum was one of my favorite moments of our visit. The light was just magical, turning from golden to pink as it descended over the rooftops- you can see in the photos below how it changed. While I wouldn’t recommend going up to the roof of the Altare della Patria (too much blocking the best parts of the view), the different terraces around the building offer views over some of Rome’s most iconic landmarks.

Have you visited Rome yet? What are some of your can’t-miss spots (for photos or otherwise)?

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