Porto Part 2: The Wanderings

Fortunately after being greeted by a rainy, dreary Porto on Friday, Saturday dawned clear and sunny, so after breakfast at the hostel we took off in the general direction of the river.



The city is old in ways that Paris isn’t- peeling paint, dilapidated buildings. You can see the effects of recent economic issues, but the streets are clean and the people friendly. And of course, the riviera is delightful.
It was warm enough that we could even shed our coats, an impressive feat for three Parisian au pairs in February! Having such a lovely backdrop of course meant we had to have a photo shoot- perhaps I’ll share some of those picture later.


We weren’t the only people enjoying the beautiful day. The street markets along the north bank of the river were bustling with people, and the terraces full of tourists and Portuguese alike enjoying drinks and a mid-afternoon apero. We lingered there for awhile before finally making our way across the bridge towards our next destination: wine tasting!
More to come.

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