Porto Part 3: The Wine

Of course, no trip to Porto would be complete without a port wine tasting.
The people at our hostel recommended Calem as the best place to go- you get a tour and a tasting for only 5€! I swear, the prices in Portugal made me never want to return to Paris. Our tour guide was petite and pretty with a penchant for saying “okay?” at the end of every sentence, and she took us through the rooms full of giant barrels of wine and explained to us where the grapes come from, how they ferment them, and how they produce the different types of wine.
The thing that surprised me most was the overall price of the wine. You could get a 10 year aged bottle for around 10€- anywhere else it would cost way more than that.
Port wine is sweet, with a higher alcohol content than normal wine (around 20%). It definitely tastes more like a dessert wine. My friends weren’t all too pleased with it, but being the wine lover I am, I was more than happy to take care of their leftovers (sorry Mom).


After the wine tasting, we booked it to make the last telepherique up to the highest point in the city and take photographic advantage of the best light of day, aka the golden hour. Can’t wait to share those photos with you- I think they came out beautifully!


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