Porto Part 4: The Golden Hour

So in photography (here I put on my hat and start pretending like I’m an expert, when, as my brother said, “Do you think that you’re a ‘photographer’ now because you have an expensive camera?” Answer to that would be no, I know I’m an amateur), there’s a time of day called the “golden hour”. It’s generally the hour before sunset when the way the sunlight hits everything makes it look especially golden or glowy, and it’s often the best time for photographs, because what is photography if not capturing light?


Knowing that I would probably be able to capture my best images of Porto during this golden hour (and thank goodness I did, because it rained during the golden hour for the rest of my time there), we booked it from the wine tasting up to the teleferico where we rode up to have the best view over the city. I took a number of portraits of my friends up here too, some of which haven’t been edited and others which are on my Flickr page, but it was so windy that our hair was everywhere!



Isn’t Porto gorgeous? I never really considered it as a travel destination, but between the prices, the people, and the pictures, I would love to spend more time in Portugal!

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