Porto Part 5: The Waves

Unfortunately the beautiful weather wasn’t destined to last; Saturday was drizzly and grey. It didn’t stop us, however- we were beach bound! We hopped on the bus (and quickly discovered that public buses in Porto have wifi, score!) and headed for the coast.
Standing on the beach here was the physically closest I’ve been to home since leaving last September, and though I know there’s an entire ocean between this beach and the coast I know and love so well, there was something strangely comforting about that.


In keeping with the country’s love of blue-patterned porcelain, the beach was full of pretty little pieces of blue and white shells and rocks.


In spite of the less-than-desirable weather, we wandered for a ways down the beach, taking pictures and enjoying the view. We stopped at a restaurant at one point after we saw the prices of the sangria and ended up having some seriously excellent mojitos, along with lunch. Following that we decided that it wasn’t worth it to wander around in the rain anymore, so we took the bus back to the city center and went to go get food to make dinner at the hostel. It was my friends’ last night before going on to Lisbon, so after we finished dinner and were sitting in the common room, I found a couple of guys who played guitar and spent the rest of the evening (and the following two) singing and drinking Portuguese wine well into the night.
Final post to come on the solo part of my Porto adventures!

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