Porto Part 6: The Solo Flight

My last full day in Porto saw some pretty nasty weather- raining on and off, never really calming down, never really knowing what to expect. Thank goodness I didn’t take the chance of going to the bridge from Saturday to try to capture what could have been an amazing sunset; instead of a sunset, I would have just gotten drenched and had to walk back to the hostel all wet. As it were, I had just stopped at the grocery store and was almost to the hostel when the storm blew in so violently that it broke parts of my little umbrella. I walked back into the hostel with one side of me soaked and the other side perfectly all right. Go figure.
Fortunately I managed to get some good photos in between dodging the rain. I finally make it up to the cathedral, which has a lot of ornate decorations grown dull with time and lack of restoration. The contrasts in Portugal still stun me- the mix of old and new, poor and rich, run-down and colorful, and most things all at the same time. It’s intriguing how a place can manage to be both shabby and sparkling, but if anywhere I’ve ever visited has managed to be so, it’s Porto.
Hope you enjoyed exploring this city with me! But my vacation travels weren’t over yet, as I headed back to Paris that Tuesday to work the next three days and then jet off again for the weekend…

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