Science and Faith

I came across this couple in St. Stephen’s Green- I’m not sure if they realized they ended up in my photo!
Next stop, Dublin! I hopped a train in Westport, bid goodbye to Kylie, her mom and her grandmother and set out for the whiskey-swilling capital that I knew only from the descriptions in songs by The Script. When I arrived, I ducked into Starbucks and dropped 4€ on a pumpkin spice latte in order to use their Wifi so I could figure out where to stay. Fortunately, one of the highest rated and most central hostels still had some availability, so I lugged my duffel bag over there and asked if there were any beds. Voila, I had a place to stay.
I wandered the city alone for a bit before returning to my hostel room and meeting two of my roommates, both very nice Canadian girls who were there for vacation too but on very different terms from me or each other. We instantly clicked, and quickly established our labels- I was the sweet one, Maria the crazy one, and Lauren the sassy one. It was great to have people around who I could rely on, and though I was only in Dublin for one night, we went out and made it worthwhile.
On Thursday evening, I flew back to Paris after a very amusing run-in with two girls from Birmingham who were already quite drunk and hell-bent on getting drunker to deal with their flight anxiety. I hope I don’t have to stay away from Ireland too long- any country that encourages singing along is basically made for me 🙂

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