The Art of Coffee


I’ve never really been big on art galleries, but perhaps while living in Paris (and after discovering this place) that may change. By pure chance I ran into Camille at Shakespeare and Co after spending a few hours in my favorite park (and witnessing a giant tree branch fall on a woman who was sitting on a bench under it- thank goodness she wasn’t hurt!) as I wandered around in search of a cafe with available outlets (as my phone was about to die thanks to spending too much time on Tinder. Oh yeah, I’m on Tinder now. More on that later). Camille was on her way to find a park she remembered from childhood visits to Paris, so I walked with her in the hopes that I would find somewhere with an outlet. This combination cafe and art gallery ended up fitting the bill- delicious coffee, a view of Notre Dame, a lovely couple behind the counter, and an outlet to charge my phone. It was sweet, quirky, and not too far from where I needed to pick the girls up. I think this may be destined to become my new favorite spot, especially on cold or rainy days!

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