The Artist and the Flowers

When it’s a long weekend and the weather is beautiful, what’s an au pair to do with no kids to deal with? Picnic in the park, of course.


Cheese, baguette, wine, sweets- check!
There are only a few parks in Paris where you’re technically allowed to sit on the grass in any part (I’ve seen people get kicked off the lush green areas of the Jardin du Luxembourg, for example). Parc Monceau is one of them, and as luck would have it, I live about a ten-minute walk away. So when two of my au pair friends who live in a suburb of Paris got in touch and asked if I wanted to have a picnic with them, there was no hesitation.

The artist in her element- and a girl who’s really good at drawing
Of course, I had to sneak away to find some pretty flowers to snap. I also just adore this bridge- there’s always a couple on it observing the park or an artist sketching. I’ll be so sad not to have this oasis so close to home next year (provided I’m still in Paris…).




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