The Hometown Frenchie

Right at the end of cherry blossom season, I met up with my lovely friend Camille (we went to high school and college together!) and we decided to take a walk in the Jardin des Plantes. Once we found this massive tree still full of fluffy pink flowers, of course we couldn’t resist taking photos- and by that, I mean I told Camille to start smiling while I took photos of her. But how could I not with such a beautiful model!

Girl has got her smizing down pat.

Snapping her own pics as well, of course.

Camille is half-French, half-American and thus holds dual citizenship. While I envy her ability to stay over here as long as she wants without a visa, it’s been so nice to have a little bit of home so close. When she’s not traveling, of course- her trips definitely make me wish sometimes that I didn’t have kids to pick up on a daily basis!
And climbing the tree was also necessary.




She was such a good sport about all of the “direction” I gave her- “more in the light! No, to the left. Now tilt your chin down. No, not that much”- and was even gracious enough to take some shots of me as well.




Here’s to more evenings spent with beautiful friends and photo sessions in the coming summer months!

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