Journey to the Past

Last night I took a trip without leaving Paris.
Stepping into Harry’s New York Bar is like stepping out of 2014 and stepping into the Paris of the past, the one we all dream of Paris to be.
Harry’s is famous for inventing drinks- the Bloody Mary was invented here in 1921, and the Sidecar in 1931 (which is the yellow drink in the martini glass pictured above), though I opted for the Harry’s Pick-Me-Up as I’ve been having a love affair with champagne drinks lately. Every time a new type of liquor becomes popular, the bartenders at Harry’s base a new drink around it. I’d been wanting to come here since before I arrived in Paris, so it was great to finally get the chance! While upstairs feels rather pub-ish, downstairs is the piano bar, featuring a very jovial pianist who hammed it up for the camera as soon as he noticed me taking pictures. Between the sumptuously upholstered furniture, the intimate ambiance, the bartender with his handlebar mustache, and the piano music, it was easy to imagine myself in one of the many photos from different eras hung on the walls. They host an election party during the US presidential elections- too bad I won’t be here in 2016!



Which historical era would you live in if you could choose?

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