Un Trésor Caché

Art Gallery, Rue du Trésor, Marais, Paris


Tucked in the Marais down a little street called Rue de Trésor is an art gallery with some of the most interesting paintings I’ve ever seen. When shopping on Tuesday, my friend Camille (check out her blog, she’s a beautiful writer!) and I walked past this road, and I remembered seeing the paintings when my dad and I had dinner at the restaurant across the way, so I suggested going in and looking at them. As we stood in the gallery looking around and talking, suddenly we heard someone say, “I hear English!” in an American accent coming from downstairs. An older gentleman emerged from the staircase and introduced himself as Buzz Siler, the artist. We chatted for a bit- he’s from Portland, and though he’s been in Paris for a few months, he doesn’t speak French, and said he was always happy to hear familiar accents come through the gallery doors. A video with the methods he uses was playing on a TV by the top of the staircase, and he was so kind- after I mentioned really liking one of the paintings I had seen while there for dinner, he brought it upstairs and put it back on display. I was, however, more enthralled with the painting below- anyone want to give me 400€ so I can buy it? Although getting it home in my suitcase may be difficult…
Painting by Buzz Siler, art gallery Rue du Trésor, Marais, Paris
He told us to come back and visit, and I think we both will- if only to pick up a smaller print version of this painting so I can take it home!

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