Vogue Fashion Night Out F/W 2014, Fashion Week, Paris


For those of you who don’t know, Vogue’s Fashion Night Out is held in all the Fashion Week cities (NY, London, Milan, Paris) before Fashion Week in each one. All the major stores, especially those who are showing at Fashion Week, stay open late, many with music, free drinks, and special sales. It’s a perfect chance for the fashion plebians (aka people like me and my friends) to mingle with the fashion elite (aka the people we saw others taking pictures with) and pretend we can afford anything in any of the stores we stopped by (here’s a hint: we can’t). Invitations are available in any issue of that month’s Vogue, so we bought our magazines and headed for Rue St. Honore to join in the festivities.
Lesson learned: get there early. As an au pair, my schedule runs pretty late and I can’t leave until one or both of the parents come home from work, so I didn’t end up tracking down my friends at the Madeleine Sephora until after 9. Since the night is over at 10 and the lines were insane, we only had time for a short walk into the crowds and made it into maybe two stores. Oh well- better luck next season!
Rue Saint Honore, Vogue Fashion Night Out, Paris
Even at the very end of the night, the street was packed!
We only stopped once to take photos and were really disappointed we missed the Shiny Confetti Party at Tara Jarmon!
The night wasn’t a total loss though- we met up with some other au pairs and went for drinks at Le Forum, a bar recommended to us by this handy little map Daniela found. The place was awesome and the drinks delicious, so I expect we’ll be using this map fairly frequently in the months to come!

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