As you may have seen on my Instagram page (I seem to start off a lot of posts like this), I take a lot of pictures here- it’s honestly much better to follow my life in Paris on there than anywhere else, if you so choose. So when I heard about the World Wide Insta Meet 11 happening the weekend of 21-22 March, I hoped it would be a chance to meet some others who love Instagram as a social platform.
Unfortunately, walking up to a group of people who a) mostly know each other and b) generally speak a language you have yet to master is incredibly intimidating. I took some good photos, but only really got the chance to speak with a fellow Instagrammer I had previously connected with on the app. His puddle shots are really amazing- check out his work here!


The Geode at La Villette
After the InstaMeet, it was off to shoot another project- more on that in my next post!

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